Infant Oral Care

Pediatric dental care from a young age builds a great foundation of healthy dental habits and consistent dental care for your children. Their pediatric dentist can help them become accustomed to visiting the dentist at a young age by making them feel comfortable and helping them have fun at the dentist!

What age is best to start visiting the dentist? The ideal time to start is one year old. If your child is older, it’s never too late to start! However, if you have a one year old, don’t put off bringing them in – get their dental care off to a great start! Their first visit will mainly involve getting them comfortable at the dentist by having a fun first experience. Their pediatric dentist will also be able to tell you if they have any signs of early tooth decay and answer any questions you may have. From knowing when to floss to detecting problems early, their pediatric dentist can guide you through your child’s oral care and help you know how to best care for their teeth. Starting dental care early can save them from having severe dental problems down the road.

Baby teeth guide the adult teeth into place. Consequently, if the baby teeth fall out too early, the permanent teeth may not grow in properly. Also decay in the baby teeth can lead to decay in the adult teeth that are growing under the surface of the gums. Taking good care of your children’s baby teeth will help their adult teeth in the future! Before any teeth can be seen, you can take care of your infant’s oral health by wiping their gums with a washcloth daily. As the teeth begin to grow, a soft toothbrush can be used to clean their teeth.

Start your infant’s dental care off at the perfect age! If you are in search of a pediatric dentist for your infant, give us a call. We will make their first dental visit a fun experience and help guide them into healthy habits that can last a lifetime!

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