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Our patients all have one thing in common – they are kids! This special age group receives all of our attention and care at Wheeler Pediatric Dentistry. An engaging and exciting experience meets every child as soon as they walk in the door – and parents are invited to come along on the adventure! Your child can have fun playing video games or watching TV while sitting in the exam chair and parents can spend all the time they need getting their questions answered. Dr. Jon will go the extra mile to have you and your child looking forward to each visit!

We help children stay fear-free as much as possible by using a 3-step process we like to call Tell-Show-Do:

Tell – Before starting any exams or procedures, your child will be told what to expect. If they will be introduced to something new, they’ll be told in advance what it will feel like or taste like. We will answer any and all of their questions before we begin and help them feel comfortable every step of the way!

Show – Instruments and tools are shown to your child before being put to use. This can help them know what to expect and prevent them from being scared by sudden sounds or movements.

Do – Once we’ve told and shown, we’re ready to do! We will do everything we can to help your child feel completely comfortable and then we will start the exam or procedure. Whether a regular check-up or a dental procedure, we will do everything we can to keep a smile on their face throughout the entire process!

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