Pediatric Dentistry

A pediatric dentist is specifically trained to work with children. In addition to their dental training, they also go to extra schooling to become a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists make dental visits a fun experience for children! They learn many different ways to help children and have learned how to work with many different types of children, including children with special health needs. At Wheeler Pediatric Dentistry, we not only specialize in working with children, but also strive to make their experience fun and inviting! From meeting their specific needs to answering all of your questions, we go to the extra mile to make the dentist an enjoyable place for both children and parents.

Consistently visiting their dentist is one of the best things you can do for your children’s teeth. Although some may believe it’s not important to start dental care until adulthood, baby teeth actually play a key role in the future health of their permanent teeth. If baby teeth fall out too soon, the teeth can shift, making it difficult for the permanent teeth to grow in straight. Too many teeth falling out too soon can also result in speech difficulties. Decaying baby teeth can affect the adult teeth growing in beneath them. There are many things to keep an eye on while your children have baby teeth. Consistent care now will save your children from unnecessary dental troubles down the road.

The best time to start your child’s dental visits is around one year of age. This allows them to become accustomed to visiting the dentist at an early age and allows their dentist to help prevent tooth decay in their baby teeth as well. Our dentists can check to see if there are any problems as the baby teeth start to come in. As the teeth grow closer together, the dentist will also let you know when to start flossing their teeth. Around seven years of age, their pediatric dentist can let you know information concerning the alignment of their permanent teeth and also tell you if any orthodontic treatment is recommended.

Young children aren’t always the best at keeping their teeth clean or brushing properly. Regular dental check-ups allow the dentist to use a few methods to help prevent decay. Two avenues the dentist can take are topical fluoride and dental sealant. Both help the teeth fight decay by protecting the outside of the tooth.

If you are in search of a pediatric dentist, give us a call! Wheeler Pediatric Dentistry will go the extra mile to help your children enjoy the dentist and maintain a healthy smile!

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