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Children are Wheeler Pediatric Dentistry's only patients. From video games to TVs over the dental chairs, we want our patients to enjoy their visit and have fun. The office is designed so that you can spend as much time with Dr. Jon and Dr. Josh as you need to discuss your concerns and get your questions answered. Parents are encouraged to accompany their child in the treatment area to become participants in the experience.

Our goal is to eliminate bad experiences at the dentist office. Our method for putting your child at ease is Tell-Show-Do.

> Tell

Our docs explain what is going to be done for every new procedure (for example, how it will feel or taste). If a child is upset or scared, they are questioned for feeling. Questions are asked until your child can identify what is wrong and then that issue is addressed.

> Show

Instruments and materials to be used are shared with your child to help build comfort. Sometimes practicing on fingernails helps remove fear of the unknown.

> Do

Once your child is comfortable, the procedure begins.

For children unable to overcome anxiety, a variety of treatment options are available. These range
from laughing gas to sedation provided by a highly skilled anesthesiologist who can help your child
sleep comfortably through treatment. Every child receives treatment tailored to their individual needs.